Mar 24, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace Review

Samsung Galaxy Ace Review. Samsung Galaxy Ace is a nice phone. it's almost as good as galaxy s but ace is a midrange phone so don't expect something that's eqal quality to the highrange phones. i have it and i recommend it to everyone who want a cool and pretty capable phone. Anejnobody

its okay I guess if your a casual everyday user but if your a hardcore user that wants it to run really smooth I would go for a newer phone which has a better processor and a newer version of android but doing this will cost you quite alot. Awe5omeness


PhoneArena reviews the Samsung Galaxy Y

PhoneArena reviews the Samsung Galaxy Y. Entry level doesn't necessarily mean a subpar device, and such devices often sell by the boatload. The Y stands for "young", and means an affordable handset for teens or emerging markets in the sub-$180 price bracket. We also have a design that is not your typical cheap black plastic handset, but is this an event enough to earn big sales in the low-end Android range, considering it's always crowded down there?

Review here


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